Our Ingredients

Best taste through the highest quality is the benchmark we set for all our products.
Therefore we source only the finest quality raw materials, ingredients and spices.
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We use the best quality premium potatoes to make our potato chips, sourced mainly from our network of approved European farms. During the production process each potato is thoroughly washed, peeled and carefully examined to ensure it meets our high standards. The type of potato chips we make depends on the way we cut them – delicate or thick slices, crinkled or smooth – before we bake or fry them with the utmost care.


We also produce a wide range of speciality savoury snacks, made from ingredients such as potatoes, corn, wheat and other grains. A variety of ingenious manufacturing methods are used to create our delicious snacks like tortilla chips, Jumpys, Rigli and popcorn, that come in many diverse shapes, tastes and textures and are always a pleasure to share with others.


Nuts have been an important part of the human diet since the dawn of time. They are widely acknowledged to be a particularly good source of many important nutrients.
We only select the finest nuts from around the world. Some are left plain, some are roasted, some are flavoured and some have coatings added, but what matters most is that all are tasty.

Baked Products

Most baked products such as pretzels and salty sticks benefit from being low in fat due to the way they are baked. All products are created from dough made of high-quality flour that is rolled into a distinctive shape and then baked. Some are also flavoured, glazed and sprinkled with salt or sesame seeds either before they go in the oven or after baking, to achieve a delicious taste.