As a food manufacturer we have a particular responsibility towards our consumers in three areas: health and nutrition, product quality & safety and transparent consumer information and communication

Healthy and nutritious food

We continuously strive to improve the nutritional quality of our products. These improvements include

  • Products with natural flavours only
  • Products for sensible diets
  • Products with less salt
  • Products with lower fats
  • Reduce saturated fats
  • Reduce avoidable allergenic ingredients
  • Reduce food borne contaminants

Examples of what we have achieved so far

Not all fats are equal – reduction of saturated fatty acids

Simply put, our products become more nutritious and healthier when we replace saturated fatty acids with unsaturated fatty acids. By using oils with low content of saturated fats, i.e. sunflower and rapeseed oil, we have gradually reduced the amount of saturated fatty acids in our chips and specialties by 86% since 2006. We are further working on improvements to increase the proportion of unsaturated fatty acids in all our branded products.

Great taste without artificial support

We also have reduced the addition of artificial flavour enhancers (e.g. sodium glutamate) in our branded products by 84% since 2007. This improvement has been made without compromising the great taste of our snack products.

A taste of nature

Our consumers increasingly ask for foods made with natural flavours. Therefore, since 2009 we use only natural flavours in any new branded product we develop and bring to market. For many of our existing products we have changed the formulation towards natural flavours. Today more than half of our total branded product range is made with natural flavours only.

Our plans for the future

  • Further increase the use of high oleic sunflower and rapeseed oil across our entire product portfolio
  • Further increase number of products in the portfolio with reduced salt and fat content
  • Further increase the number of product formulas with only natural ingredients: no artificial taste enhancers, only natural flavours